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Yersin Piriou 77m


Year: 2015

Builder: Piriou

Length: 76.60 m / 251.31 ft

Beam: 13.00 m / 42.65 ft

Draft: 4.50 m / 14.76 ft

Persons: 18

Crew: 22

Cabins: 8

Guests sleeping: 18

Guests cruising: 18

Displacement: 2000000 kg

Engine: 4x1.200hp/Caterpillar C32

Max. speed: 15 kts

Cruising speed: 11 kts

Fuel tank: 380000 l

Fuel consumption: 360 l/h

Water tank: 50000 l

HIGH PRICE: 480.000 €/week
LOW PRICE: 480.000 €/week



***YERSIN expedition luxury yacht heads to the Caribbean and will be cruising Central America, Belize, Costa Rica, Panama during winter season 2021/2022. After the winter season, YERSIN luxury vessel will relocate to West Greenland during mid+ of May for 2022 spring and summer charters in the polar region.***

YERSIN yacht has been built as a “S.O.L.A.S, Cleanship, ICE 1C Passenger Ship” providing op maritime safety standards. YERSIN charter yacht can access the world’s most remote destinations and ice-covered areas with her reinforced hull over her entire length. She is designed for long-range transoceanic sailing in extreme conditions (-20 C°, + 50 C°) on oceans, rivers, and lakes, with a high degree of reliability in all weather and sea conditions. Superyacht YERSIN comes with clean environmental-friendly technologies to ensure a minimal impact on the oceans:

Environment-friendly key features are

- Extremely low fuel consumption and low exhaust gas emissions
- Exhaust gas filters on all engines, reducing NOx and SOx emissions and retaining 99.8% of soot particles
- Bureau Veritas Clean Ship Classified
- vessel built to be 95% recyclable
- own water production and filtering
- grey and black water discharge treatment
- plastic collection system
- garbage/waste sorting
- carbon offset
- non-chemical products
- no teak deck (non-Teak recyclable resin decks)
- optimization of energy consumption
- environmental friendly hull treatment (underwater hull coated with silicon non-biocide antifouling)
- recycling (Advanced wastewater treatment and recycling plants)
- bilgewater separator treatment plant rated at 5ppm, 60% cleaner than the 15ppm international rule
- dynamic positioning, no anchoring impact

Charter yacht YERSIN has a remarkable fuel efficiency. At a cruising speed of 11 knots, her electric propulsion generates a consumption of 360-liters/per hour, at 9 knots, the consumption drops to even 180ltr/h. That's unbeatable for a yacht measuring almost 80 meters in length!

Her biological treatment plant recycles all wastewater. UV lights eradicate the remaining bacteria whilst this water can be used for ballasting or washing the decks. A waste-water ballast is preferred instead of seawater in order to prevent the spread of invasive species across the ocean. YERSIN's engines exhaust circulates through particle filters to prevent 99.8% of the soot from entering the atmosphere. Furthermore, YERSIN luxury charter yacht uses artificial teak, a greener and hardier alternative to traditional teak wood on deck, an endangered species, traditionally used on yachts decks. A GPS positioning system keeps the yacht in position avoiding dropping an anchor on fragile marine ecosystems.

YERSIN's wastewater treatment and management system allow staying up to 10 days in a pristine and remote area.

Luxury expedition yacht YERSIN for charter stands for comfort without compromises:

  • Owner’s stateroom with private deck forward and recessed balconies
  • 8 luxurious guest staterooms
  • Professional galley
  • 2 Large dining rooms
  • Long Bar and sushi bar
  • Comfortable salon
  • Large sun deck with Teppanyaki set up, settees, sun pads and pool
  • Spa with gym, hot tub, massage room, hairdressing room and Hammam
  • Guest elevator to all 6 decks
  • Fully immersive surround sound & 4K enhanced cinema
  • Large all around walkways
  • Exceptional stability with double pair of zero-speed stabilizers
  • Full-size infirmary
  • Exceptional low noise and vibrations

YERSIN's interior is inspired by the 1930’s passenger ships with the highest possible comfort. The noise and vibration levels underway and at anchor are significantly low. The design is elegantly combining modern lines with classic elements like the Perzel light fixture known from the famous Normandie cruise liner designs. Most of the furniture and art pieces lean to the spirit of this time delivering a welcoming timeless atmosphere guests will love to indulge in.

The owner suite of YERIN is large with an office to the starboard side and a settee on the port. A super king-size bed is leaning against the wardrobe located at the entrance next to a kitchenette. A large bathroom with a wide shower and a tub complete this extremely comfortable suite. The guests' cabins with ensuites are located in the vessel's “calm zone” to experience the highest possible comfort and low noise level at sea; all beds are modulable and can be organized from a single to a double queen size. 

The lower deck of charter yacht YERSIN is dedicated to wellbeing and is composed of a large sports section with a treadmill and a runner. For guests preferring different sports activities, a dance bar with an espalier gymnastic is available. A bench with a set of weights, resistance bands, and Yoga mats complete the fitness room. Next to it, the spa offers a relaxing zone with a lounge bed, a massage room, a Jacuzzi, a Hammam. A guest elevator can take you from the Spa to the 6 decks above for unwinding, relaxing or sunbathing. There you will share the friendly atmosphere over teppanyaki treats and a good drink whilst enjoying panoramic sea views.





If you are looking for a yacht to explore places off the beaten track, you should consider go-anywhere sustainable discovery vessel YERSIN, built for these types of new adventures.

  • YERSIN is built and classified as a Polar Passenger Vessel to meet the highest S.O.L.A.S ship safety construction standards in effect today.
  • ​YERSIN features an increased capacity accommodating up to 18 guests in 8 cabins
  • YERSIN has a range of 12,000 nautical miles and far exceeds the capabilities of similar yachts in terms of navigation, supply and waste storage capacities.
  • YERSIN is extremely "green and clean" with a very low environmental footprint.
  • ICE CLASS IC: strengthened hull and bow to operate in ice-sea areas for an ice thickness up to 40cm, withstands temperatures from -20°C to +50°C

YERSIN is certainly one of the few true exploration vessels built in 2015 equipped with the latest technologies in terms of safety, durability and autonomy with a low environmental footprint (Clean-ship, S.O.L.A.S* Polar passenger classed ship).

So, before setting off for a wild destination, make sure you do so aboard a beautiful yacht that is truly built for adventure.


Cabin configuration: 1 master, 1 VIP and 6 double/convertible cabins
Bed configuration: 1 king, 1 queen, 6 double (all convertible to single) and 4 single beds

Owner’s stateroom with private deck forward and recessed balconies, en-suite bathrooms in all cabins, air condition throughout, generators, 2 large dining rooms, sushi bar, comfortable saloon, large sun deck with Teppanyaki set up, sun pads and pool Spa with gym, hot tub, massage room, hairdressing room and Hammam guest elevator to all 6 decks, fully immersive surround sound and 4K enhanced cinema, large all around walkways, exceptional stability with double pair of zero-speed stabilizers, stabilizers at anchor, full-size infirmary, exceptionally low noise and vibrations, wheelchair access, and a variety of water toys.

Wayer Ospray 11m tender with 1 cabin, 2 Zodiac 6-person tenders Hurricane 7.5m built as per military specs to reposition fast, Munison landing craft 7.3m, 4 stand-up paddleboards, wakeboard, Tiwall dinghy, water-skis, mono ski, 1-person kayak, 3 2-person kayaks, donut and snorkeling gear

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