Bare Boat Charter FAQs

Can you assist me choosing the right yacht? I do not know what type of yacht to look for.

Please ask your Ocean charter team. We offer sailing yachts, sailing catamarans and motor yachts for bare boat charters. Optionally you can request a skipper, hostess and/or chef as crew on board. Consider how many persons you are going to be, how many comfort or luxury you need, how fast you wish to cover the distances between the islands and what your budget is. Whatever your needs, we will surely find the perfect yacht for you.

Can I charter less than 7 days?

Bare boat charter yachts are usually offered for a minimum of 7 day, especially in the high season for catamarans and sailing yachts flexibility is not given. However Ocean Yacht Charter is able to provide several charter destinations without a minimum charter period of 7 days. Especially out of season the exception proves the rule and we will find a solution accommodating you on a yacht for less than 7 days. Please note a surcharge on the daily rate applies and the minimum are still 3 days.

Of course, if a 3 day charter is not available in the requested destination or charter period you are free to check-in later or check-out respectively earlier, however the full week price or minimum charter rate applies. It is important to inform the Ocean charter team in advance should you arrive or leave on another day than Saturday so we can ensure our staff will welcome you and/or prepare the check-in/check-out besides the working hours in the marinas.

How do I secure my chosen crewed yacht?

Once availability and pricing has been confirmed, we are going to send you standardized charter agreement used for the charter destination you wish to book your charter. This charter contract will include all details such as yacht details, charter period, embarkation and disembarkation port, as well as pricing with the payment terms. We will ask you to sign the contract sending a scanned copy back to us. Your charter period will be on hold for you until the deposit hits our accounts. After that Ocean Yacht Charter will confirm the receipt sending you a confirmation and fix the booking.

Can I embark or disembark at another port than the origin port quoted?

Yes, contact our Ocean Charter team for more information as a one way fee usually applies and sometimes the standard check-in or check-out times change in order to allow us time for delivery or re-delivery of the yacht

Can I check-in earlier or check-out later than the standard times specified in the contract?

Check-in of a yacht is usually in the late afternoon 17:00h or latest 18:00h. The check-out time the next week (in 90% of all cases Saturdays) at 8:00h or 9:00h o’clock in the morning. Some bases do request a return of the yacht on the evening before check-out morning which will be specified in the charter contract accordingly.

We need the time in between two charters in order to clean and prepare the yachts ensuring you a fully maintained and impeccable yacht. It happens very often that the check-in can be arranged earlier than specified in the contract, but due to we are obligated by the contract times guaranteeing the latest check-in times, such different times cannot be confirmed by Ocean Yacht Charter in advance neither predicted.

Should you have unfavorable flight details or arriving times, please contact us. We will find several solutions like luggage deposit so you can have a swim at nearby beaches or spend the day in the towns.

What are the payment terms and which payment methods are accepted?

Most of the charters are confirmed by classic wire transfer; however we accept credit card payments for several charter destinations.  In order to fix a charter, a 50% deposit of the charter fee is due upon the signature of the charter agreement, and the remaining 50% balance 4 weeks before charter commencement.

Can you offer further securities as I do not feel comfortable sending money in advance?

Contact us! We accept credit card payments for many charter destinations. These provide you with full coverage and security. If you prefer the classic wire transfer we can insure every charter against negative scenarios like bankruptcy. In case of insolvency of us, a renowned and independent third party international insurance company will refund you any advance payments made to us. -Immediately, without delay.

Are there any hidden costs I need to know about?

No, absolutely not. Ocean Yacht Charter is a reliable and professional charter company and you can be sure that we do not have any small prints on our contracts or any kind of hidden costs. The charter agreement will clearly specify what is included and which the running costs of a yacht to be covered by the charterer are.

Do I need a license for chartering a sailing yacht or catamaran?

Of course, all sailing destinations require a valid and appropriate sailing license by the according Maritime Laws. Please contact us if you are not sure if your sailing license is accepted in the charter destination you are travelling to.

I do not have a sailing or power boat license, can I book a yacht plus a skipper only?

Yes, we offer so called bare boat yachts plus crew. You may book just a professional skipper/captain knowing the sailing area like the back of his hand, a hostess or an additional chef. Whatever your needs, we arrange a professional team being at your disposal according to your wishes. If the space on board allows it you can have 2-3 crew members at the same time.

In case I hire with a skipper or crew, will my privacy be respected?

Of course, yes. Skippers and hostesses provided by Ocean Yacht Charter are approved professionals respecting your privacy during the charter at any time. Sailing catamarans and many sailing yachts offer separate crew cabins in the front bow with own entrance from deck and toilets. Please contact us for further details.

Can I choose an individual itinerary and decide menus on board once I charter with a crew?

We offer tailor made charter experiences. Bespoke services mean you are important; you decide where the cruise goes to, how much distance you wish to cover, what you wish to eat on board, whatever. We will listen together with the crew and understand your needs. It is your charter and your very own unforgettable experience and we will take care that everything is just the way you wish to spend your holiday on board of a yacht.

Can I smoke on board of a charter yacht?

Smoking is not permitted inside the yachts due to safety and hygiene reasons. Smoking is allowed on deck and the exterior areas of a yacht

What happens if I need to cancel a reserved and paid charter?

Even it is a very rare scenario it happens that guests have to cancel their charters for whatsoever reasons. The cancellation policy varies from yacht type and charter destination, but in general we recommend our guests to take out a cancellation insurance to protect themselves and any paid deposits against unforeseen reasons. The cancellation policy is mentioned in the charter agreements.

May I bring pets on board of a yacht?

Usually pets are not allowed on board of charter yachts. However the exception proves the rule and in some rare cases a yacht owner may accept pets. In case pets are allowed a surcharge for extra cleaning will apply and a separate refundable security deposit may be requested.

Can I stay in touch with my business partners and relatives at home?

Of course, at almost all charter bases you can rent a Wi-Fi internet modem from us. Some bases do even offer them for free so you can stay in touch with family and friends sending them pictures sharing your experiences via a flat rate internet connection and 3G speed.

I have paid and booked my yacht, what’s next?

Pure Anticipation! Additional to that a few weeks before charter commencement you will receive all boarding and base information with all useful and comprehensive information you may need for a smooth handover of yacht. This will be the right time to reserve any airport transfers from the airport/hotel to the marina, inform the crew about your preferences should you have booked a yacht  plus crew, share any crew details, base manager details and base info.

In order to save you time with the administrative issues at the check-in Ocean Yacht Charter may ask you to fill out a crew list in advance before charter commencement.

What can I do if I still do not find an answer to my question?

Contact your Ocean Yacht Charter team! We are here for you and we do not feel like booking agents. We are more like the managers of your holidays ensuring you unforgettable moments and memories. We cannot answer all questions within a FAQ list, but we will take care of you and any questions or doubts you may have.

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