Crewed charter FAQs

All charter prices are quoted per week, can I charter less than 7 days?

Crewed luxury yacht charters are usually indicated per week, meaning complete 7 days (7x24h) resulting at the same embarkation- and disembarkation-time. For luxury motor and sailing yachts it is possible to get a quote for fewer days; however, this depends on the yacht, the season and charter location. For example, for event charters in spring, it is normal to charter less than a full week whereby during the high season in summer it is common to charter for at least 7 days. Inquiries for 10 days or similar are welcome and will be calculated pro-rata of the weekly price dividing it by 7 multiplying the daily rate by the charter days. If you charter less than a week the weekly rate is divided by 6 and multiplied by the respective charter days. Charter fees are indicative and subject to change as well as discounts may be negotiated.


When do the high rates respectively low rates apply?

As the high season concerns the most popular charter period it depends on the charter location. For example in the Mediterranean July and August are considered as to be the high season whereby in the Caribbean and Bahamas the high season is Christmas and New Year period. Furthermore, even some events for which Ocean Yacht Charter provides yachts may be in the low season, like the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monaco or the Cannes Film Festival, the high rates apply.


How do I secure my chosen crewed yacht?

Once availability and pricing have been confirmed, we are going to send you a MYBA charter agreement of latest version for signature. This charter contract will include all details such as yacht details, charter period, embarkation and disembarkation port, as well as pricing with the payment terms and VAT if applicable. If the ports mentioned are different than the origin ports of the yachts, a relocation fee may apply which will be estimated and added to the charter price in advance. After your signature, a duly signed version with all parties such as broker, stakeholder and owner will be returned to you. The charter agreement is confirmed once the first installment as per contract has been executed.


What are the payment terms for crewed luxury charters?

After you have received the duly signed MYBA contract we will ask for a 50% deposit of the total charter fee (+VAT if applicable) to be wired by bank transfer. The remaining 50% deposit of the charter fee is due 4-5 weeks before charter commencement. With this second installment you will be asked to add all other agreed costs like the  Advance Provisioning Allowance (A.P.A.), VAT and delivery/relocation fees if any. In case the charter has been booked within the period of 4 weeks before charter commencement one installment of 100% of the charter fee including all other expenses is necessary.


What is the A.P.A. (Advance Provisioning Allowance) used for crewed yacht charters?

The Advance Provisioning Allowance, also known as APA, is collected with your second charter rate and is forwarded onto the Captain in order to make the necessary preparations for your charter. The APA is estimated at between 20 and 30% of the charter fee before discounts depending on the yacht type and the charter location. The final expenses may result more or less depending on charterer’s individual requirements and the captain will provide all bills at the end of your charter keeping you informed about the running costs as to the disbursement of the APA. Out the APA amount costs like fuel, food and beverages, ports/marinas and any other expenses are charged to the charterer for the exact amount of what has been spent as costs. Hence if not the full APA amount is spent, the leftover amounts are refunded to the charterer. If more than your estimated expense allowance has been spent, say by ordering unusually expensive beverages, being berthed in more expensive marinas or doing excessive cruising, an additional payment will be required at the end of your charter.
In general, the A.P.A. is calculated on the higher end and in most cases guests are not able to exhaust the A.P.A.. Still, the exact costs are very difficult to estimate and highly variable. For luxury sailing yachts fuel might not be significant if you have favorable winds. If you prefer to stay with your yacht on free anchorage and secluded bays, there will be no marina fees at all and the costs for food and beverages are up to you and your preferences.


Does VAT necessarily apply for all charters?

Commercially registered yachts have been VAT exempt in the past. However, due to European Union tax legislation which has been changed in 2013 value-added tax may apply on the charter fees taking place in the European waters even if a yacht is commercially registered. There are legal ways to avoid a VAT or at least reduce the VAT by cruising a specific distance from shore entering international waters or having an embarkation or disembarkation port outside the European Union. Please feel free to contact Ocean Yacht Charter team for more information on these regulations about VAT.


Can I specify my food and wine preferences to be served aboard a yacht?

Absolutely, Ocean Yacht Charter takes care of all details and it is important for us to know as much as possible of your food and beverage preferences as well as all the activities you wish to do during your yacht charter. As the crew is at your full disposal all the single details matter. We prefer to know if during your luxury yacht charter you are going to have any special occasions, anniversaries, birthday celebrations, you wish to scuba dive, you prefer to visit any special locations doing sightseeing or whatever. Maybe you wish us to put a focus on water sports which are available on board or if you just prefer to relax and sunbath during the day. For all these information we will ask you to fill out a preference sheet which will also include questions on diets, medical details or any allergies. With the preference list, we will be able to round the package up, providing you all the services starting from the pick-up at the airport or hotel and any services you might need after your charter.


Can I choose an individual itinerary and change it later on spot?

Yes, you are welcome to specify any wishes along with the preference list; furthermore, the itinerary which Ocean Yacht Charter may send you before charter commencement reflects a suggestion subject to weather condition and your mood. She is in no way binding whatsoever. The Captain will be glad to discuss any wishes and changes on the itineraries depending on your wishes on spot.


What are the responsibilities of a crew?

The professional crew which is included with the luxury yacht charters is ensuring you a tailor-made and individual service. As charter guests, you will not be locked into any kind of programs and simply said you are free to decide where to go and what to do during your charter. The crew will listen, understand and do their best to fulfil your requests. Please feel free asking and consulting the Captain as he will be glad to assist with his expert knowledge in order to find the most seduced bays or perfect berths. Imagine you are cruising some of the world’s famous charter location and you wish to have a dinner on shore at a Michelin star awarded restaurant – ask the captain. The chef will tailor individual menus based on the preference list you have earlier sent, the hostesses will serve and prepare drinks, clean the yacht, and the engineers and stewards will maintain the yacht together with the deckhand. The size of the crew depends on the yacht size and smaller luxury yachts may have only a captain, deckhand and hostess/chef as crew whereby bigger yachts may have more than 30 crew members at your disposal.

Very important is that the hostess and stewardess cannot act as babysitters. In the special conditions, it may be mentioned that children under a specific age need to be under the supervision of adults or a nanny. In some rare cases, yacht owners may limit a minimum age of children to be on board and/or request the presence of a nanny.


What is included in the charter rate of a crewed yacht?

Almost all charter rates for luxury yachts on our website are based on MYBA Terms and Conditions. This means that the yacht is provided in full commission with all necessary equipment and belongings. As a matter of course the yachts are all insured against marine risk having a reliable and professional crew. Crew salaries, clothing, and food are on owner’s account, whereby all other running expenses are deductible from the Advance Provision Allowance.

Please note that for some luxury sailing yachts Caribbean Charter Terms may apply. The difference may be that food and beverages without special or excessive alcohol consumption are included in the charter rate as well as a specified free cruising time per day without extra charge for fuel.


Can I smoke on board of a charter yacht?

Smoking is not permitted inside most of the charter yachts we offer. Some yachts may have different policies regarding smoking but usually, it remains prohibited in cabins and staterooms for safety reasons. Smoking can be allowed in designated areas like the sun or aft deck on the exterior areas of a yacht.


Am I allowed to use the yacht’s water toys and water sports equipment without a license?

This is difficult to answer as it depends on the charter country and the respective legislation. Some destinations request a certificate of competency for operating watercrafts like the tenders and jet-skis. Many luxury yachts are certified RYA training centers where guests can attain very fast a valid license. On the other side, other countries do not request a certificate of competency for operating a jet-ski or wave-runner. If a yacht is not a licensed RYA training center an instructor can be arranged subject to availability and on charterer’s cost. Any liability arising from non-compliance is entirely on operator’s risk.

If the yacht has scuba diving equipment on board it may only be used by divers holding internationally accepted certified diving licenses. The captain can also arrange rendez-vous diving with a local diving center and diving instructor.


What personal insurances are guests covered with?

Ocean Yacht Charter strongly recommends charterers arranging a cancellation and curtailment insurance to protect themselves against unforeseen circumstances. Additionally, all guests of a charter party should be covered by international medical insurances and by personal accident insurance. Contracting further forms of insurances might be prudent such as charterer’s liability or insurance of personal belonging against theft, loss or damage.


Do I solve automatically any Visa issues by booking a yacht charter?

Unfortunately not. All guests on board of a yacht are solely responsible for obtaining and carrying all necessary visas for any of the countries which might be visited during a charter.


May I bring pets on board of a yacht?

Crewed charter yachts usually do not accept any kind of pets on board due to the fact that the crews are obligated to ensure highest hygiene standards. Pets are more sensitive and more often affected by seasickness than humans. Please understand that also due to insurance reasons of the yacht pets are not allowed to be brought on board.


Can I stay in touch with my business partners and relatives at home?

Of course, almost all crewed luxury yachts offer global satellite communications on board as well as Wi-Fi internet access and a PC. Furthermore many yachts feature tablets for guests as well.


Do I need to tip a crew on board?

Even though crew wages are covered by the owner of the yacht, a tip for the crew is customary but at charterer’s discretion. Means only if you wish so and you have been satisfied with the crew service, you may tip the crew giving the amount to the captain who will divide the tip into equal amounts sharing the tip with the other crew members. The amounts for crewed motor yachts are usually 5-10% of the charter fee and should be considered as extra costs in your total calculation for a charter holiday. Again, crew gratuities are not obligatory and at charterer’s discretion, but customary.


What can I do if I still do not find an answer to my question?

Please contact your Ocean Yacht Charter team

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