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Palmer Johnson delivers first SuperSport 48M Khalilah

Why we at Ocean Yacht Charter love Palmer Johnson yachts is easy to answer. With such breathtaking designs and stunning performances in combination with elegant and modern interiors, it is not difficult to be thrilled about every new launch of this renowned superyacht shipyard.

And what a yacht the Palmer Johnson SuperSport 48M is! Legends are not born, Ocean Yacht Charter is confident that legends are built, to be more specific, -at Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. The SuperSport line of Palmer Johnson is not only looking like from another advanced world, she is also fully loaded with with futuristic and valuable features.

The first unit of the new Palmer Johnson SuperSport 48M series, named KHALILAH, features a speed of 32knots thanks to her MTU 2000 engines and an many design modifications like the innovative displacement waveripping hull (not a planning hull). Furthermore a big focus has been put on weight reduction: KHALILAH Palmer Johnson SuperSport 48M is the largest lightweight yacht ever entirely built of advanced carbon reducing the structural weight by more than 30%.

Additionally to this Palmer Johnson KHALILAH is equipped with the latest CPP propulsion system on the market boasting the PJ SuperSport 48 with greater efficiency compared to conventional fixed pitched propellers.

Last but not least KHALILAH PJ SuperSport 48M features a sleek modern trimaran hull giving a very slender central main hull reducing slamming and pitching.

The result is an impressive amount of 50% fuel saving, being fast, but yet as efficient as a displacement yacht.

KHALILAH yacht does not offer only thrilling exterior designs and hull shapes with performance. She does not forget about the comfort feeling, being a 500GRT superyacht with ample space on main and a spacious 11m beam. Thanks to impressive 6m single glass panels in the saloon KHALILAH allows stunning open views and the modern interior completes the package of the SuperSport 48. And yes, fun is provided as well since a garage fully loaded with a 7 meter tender and not less than 3 jet-skis are waiting for the future owner.

With the 48M SuperSport Palmer Johnsons successfully redefines the most important parameters of yachting and lifestyle.

Known also as project PJ265, Palmer Johnson’s KHALILAH SuperSport 48M is currently on her maiden voyage to Florida. Her journey will take her through the Saint Lawrence sea channel before arriving on the south east coast. We are looking forward to receive more pictures in navigation and of KHALILAH’s interior soon. In the meantime please feel free to contact us for more information about Palmer Johnson SuperSport 48M KHALILAH.

Palmer Johnson KHALILAH yacht for sale:
KHALILAH's asking price 28.500.000 EUR. 

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