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New RIVA 76 BAHAMAS luxury motor yacht video

The RIVA 76 BAHAMAS convertible motor yacht is the second model with a dual soul being both an open motor yacht as well as a coupé. With its “C-Top” (‘Convertible Top’) system the RIVA 76 BAHAMAS can be transformed from open to coupé mode and vice versa easily increasing the comfort and fun on board. Combining timeless design with sophisticated pleasure of technological innovation, graceful lines, cutting-edge materials and remarkable performance, the new RIVA 76 BAHAMAS motor yacht is a further step in the evolutionary path that led to the launch of the RIVA 88 DOMINO SUPER and RIVA 88 FLORIDA, the coupé and convertible yachts born of the same design tradition and guided by a similar spirit. Based on the technical platform of the popular RIVA 76 PERSEO, the layout of the cockpit and helm station, the design of the master suite and lower deck living space, as well as the entire interior styling, have been custom designed for the new convertible. Enjoy the video review of the stunning RIVA 76 BAHAMAS luxury motor yacht:


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