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Ocean Yacht Charter

Ocean Yacht Charter is a professional and reliable charter company offering a modern fleet of the best yachts worldwide covering the most fascinating sailing destinations. Charter an exclusive luxury motor yacht, a crewed sailing yacht or luxury catamaran, motor boats or let us organize a sailboat regatta for you.

To enjoy the world with passion. This is yachting.

We combined it with hard effort and professional experience to create Ocean Yacht Charter – a full service company that covers all aspects of charter, yacht managment, yacht purchase and yacht sales. We build yachting dreams. With your imagination. Explore our selection of yachts available for sale and charter, choose your destination from the stunning Caribbean, through the sky-blue waters of the Mediterranean, all the way to the Indian Ocean, Southeast Asia and Pacific wonders. And create a unique experience on-board a luxury motor or sailing yacht, mega yacht, catamaran or any other vessel designed for your pleasure.


Our yacht charter fleet consists of carefully selected yachts which are perfectly maintained and thoroughly examined on a regular basis between charters. The yachting list is being constantly updated and provides a wide range of brand new vessels and various models .

In order to create a perfect holiday for every client, our fully equipped yachts vary in style and features. From bareboat sailing around Tahiti to luxury yacht charters along Croatia’s Adriatic coastline, you choose your dream holiday and we make it happen.

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Add to compare JoyMe | Custom 50M
from €/week
Year: 2011 ref. 2014 Builder: Zepter Yachts Length: 49.91 m / 163.74 ft Persons: 12 Crew: 11
Add to compare O'Pari 3 | Golden Yacht 236
from 495,000 €/week new
Year: 2015 Builder: Golden Yachts Length: 71.85 m / 235.73 ft Persons: 16 Crew: 23
Add to compare Moonraker | Mangusta 165E
from 189,000 €/week
Year: 2014 Builder: Mangusta - Overmarine Length: 49.90 m / 163.71 ft Persons: 10 Crew: 9
Add to compare Ascari | PJ 120
from 90,000 €/week
Year: 2003 ref. 2015 Builder: Palmer Johnson Length: 36.50 m / 119.75 ft Persons: 10 Crew: 5
Add to compare Ouranos | Admiral C Force 50M
from 210,000 €/week new
Year: 2016 Builder: Admiral Tecnomar Length: 49.90 m / 163.71 ft Persons: 12 Crew: 12
Add to compare Suerte | Tankoa 70 MT - Ex C101
from 525,000 €/week
Year: 2015 Builder: Tankoa Yachts Length: 69.30 m / 227.36 ft Persons: 12 Crew: 18
Add to compare Cloudbreak | 73m Abeking & Rasmussen
from 750,000 €/week Award Winner, new
Year: 2016 Builder: Abeking & Rasmussen Length: 72.50 m / 237.86 ft Persons: 12 Crew: 22
Add to compare Ghost II | Majesty 122
from 125,000 $/week new
Year: 2016 Builder: Gulf Craft Length: 37.30 m / 122.37 ft Persons: 12 Crew: 6
Add to compare Nadamas | Hanse 675
from 15,000 €/week new
Year: 2017 Builder: Hanse Yachts Length: 21.10 m / 69.22 ft Persons: 7 Crew: 2
Add to compare Opal | Lagoon 620
from 13,950 €/week crewed
Year: 2017 Builder: Beneteau Lagoon Length: 18.90 m / 62.01 ft Persons: 11 Crew: 3
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